⚠️ Attention all TigersPLUS members. Interview Alert – your questions wanted ⬇️

This Sunday night YOU have the exclusive opportunity to, collectively, be the first supporters to ask YOUR questions directly to Glasgow supremo Peter Facenna.

Peter’s schedule and business commitments mean that – in this instance – we are unable to come together via Zoom as had been intended, however Peter has agreed to do this at a later date.

Rather than postpone the opportunity to sit down with Peter now, we will bring you this exclusive ‘Behind The Tapes’ on Sunday night @ 8pm – we anticipate that many of you will be keen to put your questions to him!

❗ TigersPLUS Commitment❗

Given TigersPLUS members will exclusively have this chance to ask questions on behalf of all Tigers fans, we commit to asking *EVERY discreet question to Peter – guaranteed.

So, be first to enjoy watching our interview with Peter, and, to fire your questions to him. NOTE: as we are currently unsure when this interview will record this week, please ensure you submit your question on the TigersPLUS Members Facebook page asap to avoid disappointment.

Thank you all.

*we may have to limit questions where multiple submissions made by individual members, and where, essentially, a question has been repeated

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