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Speedway is, without doubt, an exciting and entertaining sport, unrivalled for atmosphere when watched live, and perfectly suited for all the family.

Regardless of team supported, fans of the sport are passionate, committed and highly supportive of their club.

Perhaps more so than most spectator sports, speedway has high running costs. Like most spectator sports, clubs need income, other than from gate money, to provide the standard of sport, stadium and services modern day supporters now demand.

Currently, Glasgow Tigers benefit from the financial backing of its owners, sponsors and fans. However, do know how much it costs to run just a single race meeting?  Well, here are some figures that may surprise you:

      • Tyres – £500
      • Medical / Ambulance – £750
      • Insurance – £400

Meaning that, across a 20 meeting home season, these 3 items alone have a total cost of £33,000! Those are only some of the running costs for each race meeting!

TigersPLUS is independent of Glasgow Tigers speedway club. Its purpose is to contribute to the club’s running costs.
We do this through a year round, monthly collection of Member subscriptions – providing access to some exclusive Membership Benefits.

ALL of your subscription will go direct to the club!*

By design, we will always be transparent. Throughout the year, we will show you how your money has been used to DIRECTLY support Glasgow Speedway.


By joining TigersPLUS, Members will enjoy an enhanced experience. Through unique benefits, unique race day experiences, unique club management & rider access and unique events – all year round! You can see full details of all available benefits here.

Membership is open to all. EVERYONE IS WELCOME!

There are just two categories of membership – Adult (Single) and Family membership, however as a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic we have introduced a reduced rate membership called TigersPLUS-LITE.  See the ‘Membership Benefits’ or ‘Sign Up’ sections.

TigersPLUS is independent of Glasgow Speedway and Glasgow Tigers Supporters Group although, needless to say, we will work closely with both to help embed our culture of being Positive, Loyal and United in Speedway. 

TigersPLUS’s current Committee Members: Derek Smith (Chairman), Alan Watt (Treasurer), Colin Alexander (Secretary), Colin Hamilton, Elaine Colton, Diane Mcshane, Claire Harkness.

*With the exception of our minimal administration costs – such as cost of Member cards.