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Behind the Tapes – Shane Parker

TigersPLUS welcome back Shane Parker!! Our former club no 1, who graced the Stripes for 6 seasons and dominated Ashfield as Craig Cook does today, will be our Behind The Tapes guest this Sunday (7th June) from 7:30pm. We’ll put as many of your questions to him as possible, please post on the TigersPLUS Members…
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⚠️ Behind the Tapes Preview ⚠️

We’re back on the interview trail this Sunday night, 7th June, (tune in to the TigersPLUS Members Facebook page @ 7:30pm – link below). As ever, we want Members to be the first to hear who our star guest will be. We’ll confirm his identity at 9pm tonight – our only clue is that many…
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Polish Ekstraliga – Stal Gorzow v Zielona Gora – 31st May @7.30pm

Let’s Go Racing – Sunday 31st May @7:30 Something different this weekend, join us for some interactive speedway chat whilst we all watch an Ekstraliga meeting as Stal Gorzow host Zielona Gora – so that’s world class riders awesome atmosphere …and … none of us know the result! (and with English commentary) Meeting will be…
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⏯ Re-Run on Wednesday 27th May @8pm ⏯ TigersPLUS presents ‘BEHIND THE TAPES’ with Anders Thomsen.

Once again we give all fans a taste of one of the benefits of TigersPLUS membership – EXCLUSIVE interviews. See the Rerun of ‘Behind the Tapes with Anders Thomsen’ on the TigersPLUS Facebook page HERE on Wednesday at 8pm. Former Tiger and current PGE Ekstraliga rider Anders Thomsen shares his thoughts on:– His time with…
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REMINDER! This Sunday, 24th May, @ 7.30pm BEHIND THE TAPES With ANDERS THOMSEN

The former Tiger, Stal Gorzow & 2020 GP substitute rider lifts the lid on: 🎙 His time at Glasgow, and a possible return 🎙 2020 Speedway Grand Prix qualification 🎙 2019 Speedway European Championship 🎙 Polish League experience 🎙 Tigers No1 – Craig Cook Join Derek & Anders on the TigersPLUS Members Facebook page (Members…
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This Sunday, Derek’s guest is former Glasgow Tiger – ANDERS THOMSEN. He’s a GP Substitute rider in 2020 and is currently in quarantine in Poland preparing to ride in the PGE Ekstraliga for Stal Gorzow. Anders, still a Glasgow asset, thrilled Tigers fans in 2014. Join Derek & Anders on TigersPLUS Members Facebook page (Members…
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GUESS WHO – I will be Derek’s guest this Sunday, 24th May. Who am I? I might be riding in the 2020 Speedway GP series. Currently, I’m in quarantine so I can be riding soon. I have ridden at Ashfield But who am I? Take a guess on the TigersPLUS Facebook page HERE

⏯ Re-Run ⏯ Wednesday 20th May @8pm – On the TigersPLUS Facebook page!

TigersPLUS present ‘Behind the Tapes’ in conversation with Claus Vissing. Initially broadcast ‘live’ to our members, TigersPLUS brings you this week’s ‘Behind the Tapes’ (containing race footage) – helping supporters stay connected as well as enjoy some chat with riders. In this edition crowd favourite Claus Vissing reflects on his time as a Tiger and…
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⏯ Re-Run ⏯ On the TigersPLUS Facebook page, 8pm this Wednesday night!

Initially broadcast ‘live’ to our members, TigersPLUS shares this week’s ‘Behind the Tapes’ – helping supporters stay connected as well as enjoy some chat with riders. In this edition Glasgow’s Ricky Wells discusses, amongst other things, lockdown survival in the UK, his love for Scotland, international ambitions, Premiership disappointments … and … assesses his own…
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“Behind the Tapes” with Ricky Wells

🗓 Sunday 10th May @7:45pm At very short notice we thank, and welcome as this week’s live guest on “Behind the Tapes”, 2020 Tiger and all round nice guy, Ricky Wells. ➡️ With a wider available audience, TigersPLUS catch up for a fresh chat with Ricky AND will be able to see him race in…
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