Behind the Tapes – with Claus Vissing

This weeks guest on “Behind the Tapes” on Sunday 17th May (7.00pm) is the ever popular, now former Tiger, Claus Vissing.

➡️ TigersPLUS members please pre submit your questions for Claus no later than 3pm Sunday via Facebook ⬅️ – we’ll do our best, within the flow of the interview, to ask as many of your questions as possible.

⏮ The live stream will immediately be available to watch back afterwards for all our members on the TigersPLUS Members FB page, however will be rerun on the TigersPLUS FB page next Wednesday night for non-members.

Glasgow fans, please contact us to learn more about joining TigersPLUS and how to access a range of benefits all year long. Full details of members benefits HERE and how to sign up HERE.

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