Joining us this Sunday @ 8pm – SCB Referee Jim McGregor

Please join us this Sunday night as we host some speedway discussion from the perspective of a speedway referee.
Already a friend to TigersPLUS, Jim will, amongst other topics, provide his insight as to how he became a referee … the SCB is set-up … meeting allocations .. pre meeting planning .. pre meeting tasks .. pre heat considerations .. starting protocol .. as well as some recollections from his many years ‘in the box’.
In a first for TigersPLUS we will conduct this interview via Zoomgiving YOU back the opportunity to directly ask YOUR questions!
This will be a TigersPLUS exclusive session and will not be shared.
If you already use Zoom then great!
If you haven’t used Zoom, we recommend that you familiarise yourself a little, and elect how you’d like to join whether via mobile, computer or tablet of choice – please see the short video links below to help here – please don’t leave this to the last minute on Sunday to avoid any disappointment!
One final thing to note. If you use Zoom via your mobile, then due to the screen size you may only be able to see the webcams from just a handful (typically 4 only) members – although the speaker will always be shown. However, if you use Zoom from your desktop/laptop then, with a bigger screen, you should be able to see everyone at the same time!
NB we plan to use Zoom moving forward for selected future interviews and ‘PLUS Patter’ member only sessions.
Once you’re ready, if anyone would like to quickly pre-test ability to join a meeting ahead of Sunday night, please let us know via the TigersPLUS Members Facebook page and we’ll arrange this – we look forward to Zoom-ing with you all on Sunday night!


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