Step Right Up!

With many months yet to go until, hopefully, we can all meet up once more, TigersPLUS are offering you all another opportunity to directly influence – and lead – the design of some future online activities.
Do you have an idea (or several!) for an online activity – needn’t be speedway related – which fellow members are bound to take part in?
Perhaps something fun?
Perhaps something informative?
Perhaps something bordering on ridiculous but which members would support?
We invite you to step forward by commenting below, else messaging us, and offer up your suggestion(s) – not only that, we’ll HAND OVER TigersPLUS to you if you wish to run the activity yourself!
Please do think any ideas through before getting in touch via the associated post on the TigersPLUS Members Page. Would it appeal to a reasonable number of members? How would the activity be run? What is required to make it happen?  Do you want to organise and run it yourself, or with support from TigersPLUS?
We look forward to hearing from you all, and chatting further about bringing your ideas alive!

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