TigersPLUS July Quiz!

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⏰⏰ Just ONE week to go until we launch Round 1 (of 4) – it’s GP style you see! – of our Members Speedway Quiz … but, we NEED more of you to agree to take part please, so here’s 4 more very good reasons to comment “Yes count me in” below:

1️⃣ Next 5 households to enter will receive a FREE copy of the excellent Speedway Quiz Book INCLUDING entry to a £100 prize draw

2️⃣ Our own quiz winner(best score over 3 rounds) will win a special, and rare, Glasgow Speedway timepiece item of memorabilia – a 2014 racejacket as pictured

3️⃣ Each round (played from the comfort of your armchair on your mobile!) will only take around 15-20 minutes – easy to fit in to your Wednesday evening!

4️⃣ Did we tell you that our questions are multiple choice?? – so even if you don’t know the actual answer, we will be supplying it for you to pick out!

We have around 40 adult members in TigersPLUS currently – surely we can get 50% to play along (remember, you will do this from your mobile) and have a little extra fun? Please comment “Yes count me in” on the TigersPLUS Members page HERE.

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