TigersPLUS Members SGP Quiz – Round 2 Results

After last nights’ second round of the TigersPLUS Members SGP Quiz, broadcast live from the ‘sitting in my comfy seat’ stadium, the leaderboard has had a bit of a shake up.
That is with the exception of the leader Ally Nicolson, who stretched his lead to the length of the backstraight on 41 points. Jumping up into second place on 31 is JJacqueline Jac McNaught and third equal at this stage is Ian Adam and Dot Mcmanus on 30 points. Due to the non-arrival ofAlan Watt (I don’t think he likes the track at the ‘sitting in my comfy seat’ stadium), he has toppled down the table from 2nd to 10th equal. 😲😲
Congratulations to all who took part in what was quite a challenging round, but with still 2 rounds to go, who can catch and pass Ally? All still to ‘ride’ for!
So on to next week, round 3, details to follow. 👍🏻✊🏻🏁

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